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The Primer

For New (And Not So New) Rotarians

Rotary Attendance Rules

Every member of a Rotary club should attend its regular meetings. A member shall be counted as attending a regular meeting of this club if the member is present for at least 60% of the time devoted for the regular meeting or makes up an absence.

Each member of a Rotary club, other than an honorary member must

  1. Attend or make up at least 60% of the club regular meetings in each half of the Rotary year;
  2. Attend at least 30% of the regular meetings of his club in each half of the Rotary year

The membership of a Rotarian, other than honorary member shall automatically terminate if, without the consent of the board of directors for good and sufficient reason, the member fails to attend or make up four consecutive club meetings.

If a member fails to attend as required above, that person’s membership shall automatically terminate unless the board of directors consents to such non-attendance for good and sufficient reason.

The “Rule of 85”

A members absence shall be excused if a member is an active member and the aggregate of the member’s years of age and year’s of membership in one or more clubs is 85 years or more and the member has notified the club secretary in writing of the member’s desire to be excused from attendance and the board has approved.

How to Propose a New Member

Every Rotarian has the privilege and obligation of seeking qualified members. In this way all club members can help their clubs achieve a full representation of the business and professional life of the community.

When was the last time YOU proposed someone for membership in Rotary? Your fellow Rotarians are counting on you to seek out young, qualified business and professional leaders — men and women, alike — to propose for membership in your club. Don’t let them down.

Young people actively engaged in the same classification that your club loaned to you, former Rotarians from other clubs, and even Rotaractors beyond the age limit for Rotaract — all may be eligible for active membership in your club.

Propose these future Rotarians. You owe it to your club and to your community. Do it today.

The basic procedure by which an individual is proposed for and elected to membership in a Rotary club is:

Any active member of this club may propose for, and the club may elect to, active membership five additional people who are actively engaged or have retired from the same classification of business or profession as that of the proposer. These individuals must have the qualifications required for active membership.

In addition, your club’s membership efforts should benefit greatly from an important change in policy effected by the 1995 Council on Legislation. Retired persons in your community are now eligible for active membership in your club, even if they have never previously been Rotarians, provided that they would have been eligible for membership prior to retirement.