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Leave of Absence Policy

The Board of Directors recently adopted the following Leave of Absence Policy to formalize the process by which a member can request leave.

1. Policy. The Club’s success depends on dedicated members sharing their enthusiasm for our collective activities. An important aspect of this dedication is the goal of attending weekly meetings. Regular attendance gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy each other’s fellowship, understand the Club’s charitable projects, participate in its local activities and learn from speakers.
Nonetheless, the Board recognizes that there will be occasions when members will be unable to attend meetings for protracted periods. Examples might include extended vacations where makeups are unavailable or recuperation from illness or injuries. This policy was adopted to facilitate such a procedure.
Leave of Absence will be granted on a case-by-case basis. There is no fixed reason why the leave will be granted and while the reason must be disclosed, the decision will not be made based on the requesting member’s reason alone.
Generally, leave of absence is appropriate when the member will miss at least three weekly meetings but intends to return to the Club within four (4) months. Longer absences suggest that the member consider a voluntary resignation so that the Club can better address semi-annual Rotary International dues, plan correctly for meals and meet attendance goals. It is expected that an application for leave, stating the beginning and ending dates of the absence will be submitted and approved before leave is taken. This requirement, however, will be waived where the leave is necessitated by unexpected events.

2. Procedure. Under normal circumstances, the member will submit a request to the Club Secretary. If the secretary is unavailable, the request may be submitted to the Club President or any member of the Board of Directors. The request must be in writing, although e-mail will satisfy the request. It should be submitted in sufficient time to allow the Board to consider and act on the request at the monthly meeting following the date of submission, generally not more than 4 weeks in advance.
The request should state the reason that leave is sought (personal details may be left to the discretion of the requesting member), the reason why makeups are not feasible, and the beginning and ending dates of the leave.

The Board will act on the request at its next regularly-scheduled meeting, unless an emergency situation requires earlier action by special meeting.
Board members will be reminded to keep in confidence the reasons for a member seeking a leave. However, members are reminded that their fellow members will be concerned about their situations and curious about why a member is absent. Do not expect that information will remain confidential once anyone is told.
Members applying for leave of absence will be notified by the Club President or Club Secretary of the Board’s action. It is anticipated that most requests falling within the guidelines set forth above will be granted. Repeated requests, failing more detailed explanations for the need, will likely not be granted and the member will be encouraged to submit a friendly resignation.

This Policy will not change the Absenteeism standards for all Rotarians. A member who simply quits attending without obtaining a leave of absence will be dismissed when his or her attendance falls below Rotary minimum standards.
Leave of absence policy will not apply to Rule of 85 members, who are governed by the rules adopted for their attendance.

Dated: November 18, 2006
Board of Directors
Rotary Club of Angels-Murphys