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Community Garden Project

Garden to grow possibilities for needy, food bank

As part of our ongoing commitment to our local folks, the Angels Murphys Rotary Club is building a greenhouse at the Rotary Community Garden.

This will let the Food Bank start plants for their garden, making the project sustainable and give our community a chance to expand the garden.

see below for article from 2010:

By Dana M. Nichols
Record Staff Writer
September 26, 2010 12:00 AM

SAN ANDREAS – Members of Calaveras County’s Rotary Clubs began trenching in water and electrical lines Saturday morning for a community garden in San Andreas.

The garden will be surrounded by the parking lot of The Resource Connection Food Bank, the primary emergency food source for hungry families in the county.

“The food bank has a heck of a time getting fresh fruit and vegetables,” said Steve Hayward, president of Angels-Murphys Rotary Club.

To help

The Resource Connection Food Bank in San Andreas is seeking volunteer gardeners to staff a community garden. Call (209) 754-1257.

The food bank also is seeing record demand this year for its services, said Director Jeannie Hayward, who is not related to Steve Hayward. She said the food bank served more than 900 families a month in July and August, or roughly 5 percent of the county’s population.

The more than 9,000-square-foot garden will have 25 raised planter boxes and 10 areas for planting fruit trees, as well as a tool shed and an area for delivering materials.

“The whole thing’s going to be deer fenced,” Steve Hayward said.

Jerry Lucas, also a member of Angels-Murphys Rotary, said he worked with University of California Cooperative Extension employee Sean Kriletich to design the garden. In addition to Angels-Murphys Rotary, Arnold Rotary, West Calaveras Rotary and Angels Centennial Rotary also providing materials and volunteers for the project.

By next summer, the plan is for the garden to supply produce to the food bank and to be a place where people can learn to build and operate their own gardens.

“We’ll do nutrition education classes,” Jeannie Hayward said. In coming months, she said she will seek volunteer gardeners willing to operate the site. She said she also hopes to find donors willing to build a portable demonstration kitchen to teach food preparation and preservation techniques.

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The Resource Connection Food Bank


Hi Friends…we got dirt! The dirt for the Rotary Community Garden has just come in…Saturday, April 2nd is our first work day…please join us at the Food Bank – we could use your help! See you soon…Jeannie